How can home owners benefit from smart technology?

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How can home owners benefit from smart house technology?

Article supplied by Illusion

Modern developments in smart technology give homeowners an unprecedented new level of control. Not only does home automation cut energy usage and lower costs, it offers complete control and convenience.

Illusion, specialist company in the design, installation and maintenance of smart house technology give four benefits of having your home fitted with home automation.

Smart home technology

In an Illusion home, there are many parameters that can be regulated to achieve the optimum level of comfort including the temperature, artificial and natural lighting, audio etc.

Getting what you want in a simple and intuitive way allows the users to end those simple tasks that use up valuable time and instead focus on the important tasks. To enter your home with a single gesture or word, set the lighting, natural light, music and temperature all adapt to the needs is perfectly possible thanks to the integration of these functions within the same control system.

Did you know that the temperature of the light has a great effect on the human body and rest. Before we had artificial light, we would begin the day with a cold light, which facilitated concentration and activity. As the hours passed, the natural light became progressively warmer, until it reached sunset. This is why we find warm environments more relaxing, as they invite us in to rest.

A lighting design designed to vary throughout the day, in the same way that natural light would do, facilitates sleep at night, and in the long run, greatly improves our state of health.

Technology is able to help us protect our home in various ways. We are all aware of alarm systems but there are other ways that can complement and improve their effectiveness. Video intercoms with access control allows the home owner to see and talk to visitors and even open the door with a smartphone from anywhere in the world. It is also possible to generate different access codes for each person who must access the property; cleaning staff, gardening etc. It is therefore possible to know exactly who has accessed the property and at what time.

Lighting is also capable of playing its part in safety. With the home automation system, it is possible to establish a special configuration that simulates activity inside the house and makes it appear that the house is inhabited.

While not all people have the same aesthetic sensibility, we all experience positive sensations in the presence of our products or experiences. A speaker can have an aesthetic, almost sculptural function as well as its primary function. An imposing decorative light feature can have a “wow” effect when entering a room and lighting directed towards the walls is capable of giving drama to the works of art or to the coverings, enhancing their beauty.

Investing in quality solutions and surrounding yourself with a good team to advise you will help you to enjoy everything that technology has to offer.

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