New Gastronomy Spots in Marbella

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Over the years, Marbella has become a gastronomic centre in its own right, with a particularly broad range of cuisines, settings and dining experiences offered. The latest generation of eateries adds a new twist to this on-going evolution.

The local cuisine is grounded in Spanish/Andalusian traditions such as tapas bars, fish and seafood restaurants, country ventas that are particularly popular during the cooler months, as well as a range of morning cafés, lively lunchtime eateries and also classic fine dining restaurants that serve the best of Spanish food. Added to this is a world of international cuisines from across Europe, Asia and beyond, ranging from low-key to high-brow venues such as Nobu at the Puente Romano.

Alelí Marbella – by Dani García

One of the shining stars of the Marbella culinary scene and reasons why it has become a centre of fine dining is Dani García, a Michelin-star chef with an unrivalled reputation in these parts for gastronomic excellence and creativity. Having applied his touch to Spanish, international, Asian and seafood-inspired cooking, his latest offering is Alelí Marbella – a recreation of Italian food infused with the passion of Dolce Vita and The Great Beauty.

What Federico Fellini and Paolo Sorrentino did with cinema, Dani García is recreating at the table; a modern Italian masterpiece, where the purity and nobility of the fresh ingredients forms the basis of a classic Italian Osteria with a touch of Marbella glamour. The setting is an intimate courtyard within the luxurious Puente Romano resort hotel, in the midst of the Golden Mile, and it is here where everything from the humble pizza to more complex seafood dishes become a feast for the senses.



The bar is set high for Roostiq, an Italian-inspired restaurant also on the Golden Mile that follows a similar philosophy of organically farmed fresh quality produce, augmented by daily handpicked ingredients from the market. Here everything from the meat to the fruit is ecologically produced, and the setting exudes the elegantly languid ambience of a Marbella villa, far from the madding crowd.


Bungalow Marbella

A cocktail bar and restaurant, Bungalow Marbella is at once very contemporary and also timeless. The latter comes from its natural materials and laid-back atmosphere, with a menu that is inspired by beach life – both that which is just a few hundred metres away, and those far-off tropical shores where the pace of life is deliciously slow and chilled. Bungalow says it wants to give you a dining experience to remember, and yes, this is one joyous informal eatery in the heart of Marbella near the Parque de la Constitución.


Hard Rock

Situated by the casino, the new Hard Rock Hotel is a stylishly fun spot for summer enjoyment by the pool, where champagne, wine and cocktails flow as you dip into the lagoon pool dancing to the live music. The ambience is just right – fun and exciting but never raucous – and diners partake in this atmosphere from the open-air terrace of the restaurant, which offers all the best of Mediterranean and international cuisine in an unbeatable setting.

Nu DownTown

Just round the corner, on the outer part of the hotel, is Nu DownTown, a venue that is much more than a restaurant alone. In fact, it’s a meeting point that doesn’t even look like a restaurant at first, as you enter through a food boutique before arriving at the varied dining spaces, which extend towards a bar and lounge area, and an outdoor chill and meet-up zone – all supplied by a willing bar and kitchen known for its delicious urban-style snacks and meals.


Beso Beach – Estepona 

The super-cool, super-chilled ambience of Formentera is coming to the Costa del Sol at the site of Laguna Village, right by the sea. Beso Beach is a beach club concept in the style of the Balearic Islands, complete with an oh-so stylish boho-chic décor and ambience just made for such a beachside location. Enjoy the fruits of the sea, from prawns and lobsters to fresh fish and caviar, along with a range of additional options for other palates, and of course vegetarian preferences. In terms of summer seaside style and easy-going refinement, it’s going to be hard to beat.


Salvaje – Puerto Banús

Situated near the sea, Selvaje is the ultimate natural-chic venue. A restaurant and beach club, it has just the right atmosphere – elegant and stylish yet somewhat tropical and laid-back, with an easy-going, natural sense of refinement. The menu suits the décor, with creatively inspired fresh tuna and spicy snack dishes made from natural ingredients.