Solvilla Padel open

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Join the Solvilla yearly Padel open.

On the 4th of October 2018 we arranged Solvilla’s yearly Padel Open tournament and we had a lovely day at Club de Tennis Puente Romano.

Every year Solvilla arrange this event, and both children and parents can meet up to cheer for the competitors. The last tournament was very successful and what we lost in the non-existing lady class was compensated by the youngsters who made a real show in the junior’s class and we must say we were really impressed with the skill level they showed.

After an exhausting group stage, we prepared for the final rounds of padel in Puente Romano, and we certainly got some very even and exciting games. In the junior class we can congratulate Niclas Fjellman and Laurits Stave Lepsøe with the victory. In the prestigious male class Viggo bang Hansen and Kristian Ødegård won the trophy for the third consecutive year.

Solvilla wants to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who came and spent the day together with us at Puente Romano, and a special thanks to Anders Borg who is the main organizer for this event.

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