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Solvilla provide administration and guidance to clients in determining the required contractors for renovation projects or new developments.

With the right proposal requests, bid packages, contract negotiation, and determination of scope of services, we help to ensure that we find the most suitable contractors for our clients. We act as a single point of contact for the owner by scheduling, coordinating project meetings, and making sure to keep up to date with the progress of the project.

We at Solvilla pride ourselves in providing complete project management services from acquisition, through design, construction, completion and sale. Our involvement in the complete project lifecycle allows us to maximize our benefit to the owner both in terms of end product and cost of services.

Our volumes allow us to take advantage of economies of scale in negotiating on pricing for our clients. Solvilla represents the owner and to the extent of the owner’s wishes, we shall act as liaison to all project parties, vendors, contractors, consultants, etc.

Our duty is always to ensure the protection of the owner’s interests and to execute the terms set out in our agreement in an efficient and conscientious manner. Please read more about our project management team to learn more about our services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.