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Where to Eat the Best Tapas in Marbella

Where to find the finest tapas? In Marbella it is indeed important to know your way to the best providers of what is a fun social experience as well as a wonderful way to enjoy lunch or dinner.

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Architecture and Sustainability in Marbella

Design has always been an important consideration for people owning a property in Marbella, but now the energy-efficiency and carbon footprint of the home they want to buy or build is also of increasing relevance

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5 Charming Villages Around Marbella

We tend to focus so much on the coastline and the lifestyle that surrounds Marbella that it’s easy to overlook one of the other cherished gems of life here – the beautiful nature, fascinating culture and charming towns and villages of the nearby interior.

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Marbella, Where Digital Nomads Relocate

From decades of being tied to offices (and commutes!) to the promise of freedom offered by remote working and ‘workations’, and even the backpacking digital nomads, there is now a new trend – relocating to Marbella.

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What to Expect from Summer 2022 in Marbella

Having looked back at 2021 and analysed the beginning of this year and its first-quarter indicators, it’s natural to turn our attention to the summer – a season that is an annual highlight of great importance to the economy of Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

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