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How Solvilla Achieved its Success in 2021

How Solvilla Achieved
its Success in 2021
Solvilla has made its presence felt from the moment it became active in Marbella’s upper property segment in 2013. Born from Norwegian roots, the specialist developer has established itself firmly as a leader in the creation and marketing of luxury modern homes in the region – and in 2021 this resulted in the sale of 123 villas with a turnover of €488 million. Not by chance, but following a very clear path to success.

“We have a specific way of working, an approach to the market that is very clear, focused and specific, and remaining true to this ethos has worked very well for us.” says Solvilla’s founder and CEO, Torgeir Wemmestad-Haaland. Together with an inspired, qualified team he has built a firm that has succeeded in standing out in a crowded, highly competitive market. Torgeir highlights how this has been achieved.

A Clear Focus

Where many allow themselves to become too thinly spread, Solvilla has always had a very clear picture of the service and products it wants to offer: luxury modern homes – mostly villas but also high quality apartment complexes – newly built or renovated to the highest standards of comfort and style in Marbella’s top addresses. “We focus on the Golden Mile, Sierra Blanca, Puente Romano and Nueva Andalucía because this is where the clients for our kind of product want to be.”

Solvilla also has a very clear picture of its clients and the kind of properties they wish for, and it has been feeding this information back into the new homes it designs, develops and sells with such success. “The market is evolving, with younger families of successful professionals moving here, and the properties we offer are evolving with it, shifting from holiday homes to second prime residences – places where people have the space and amenities to live and work,” sales Sales Director Stacy Welch.
Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships

Stacy heads up the sales division of a company that takes the whole process from land acquisition and product development through to construction and detailed finishing, fitting, landscaping and decoration. “We specialise in delivering modern villas and luxury apartments key-ready, but due to strong demand and limited supply, more and more people are buying off-plan, with delivery times of 12-18 months.”

Not all projects promoted by Solvilla are their own, the company also takes on developments on behalf of private investors and institutional funds, providing local know-how and guiding them through the entire trajectory, but it is highly selective. “We only take on those projects we are convinced will do well,” says Torgeir, “in other words, the ones that meet the standards our clients have become accustomed to.” 

It is this clear focus on product, driven by a desire to meet buyer demand, that forms the singular success formula of Solvilla.