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Marbella, Where Digital Nomads Relocate

Marbella, Where
Digital Nomads Relocate
From decades of being tied to offices (and commutes!) to the promise of freedom offered by remote working and ‘workations’, and even the backpacking digital nomads, there is now a new trend – relocating to Marbella.

While many people have gone back to the office after the end of the lockdowns, remote working has continued to grow as a trend – especially in tech-savvy fields. Those who work from home, co-working centres, travel to meet in person or brainstorm during Zoom meetings, are growing in number, and they are joined by an already established tradition of digital nomads who don’t just work from home but take it a step further and travel the world while connected to their centres of work by laptop and internet connection.

However, eventually even the freedom of a backpacking, one-case nomad becomes a bit of a drag, and the free spirited professional begins to long for somewhere to put his or her luggage down, plug the computer in, not have to worry about Wi-Fi and find a place to call home. If such a house is also modern, stylish, endowed with the latest home and work comforts, and set within a beautiful, dynamic environment with the best climate and views, then chances are they’ve spread their wings in Marbella, as more and more successful professionals from the digital generation are doing.

What attracts them

The reasons why Marbella has become a favourite among them are many, starting with the climate and outdoor lifestyle, the easy-going Andalusian way of life and the healthy cuisine and fascinating culture, but of course there are also practical considerations. Many digital professionals actually have young families, and this means there have to be excellent international schools, as well as good connections to the rest of Europe and the world – not to mention fine dining, shopping, medical and professional facilities…and this region has it all.

Add golf courses, tennis clubs and other sports and fitness facilities, as well as a cosmopolitan, sociable environment and of course beautiful homes and locations to choose from, and it’s clear why Marbella features at the top of wish lists for digital nomads looking to relocate.