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Where to Eat the Best Tapas in Marbella

Where to Eat the
Best Tapas in Marbella
We would like to draw your attention to an important matter – where to find the finest tapas. Of course, there are more serious issues in the world, but in Marbella it is indeed important to know your way to the best providers of what is a fun social experience as well as a wonderful way to enjoy lunch or dinner.

Like any Spanish town, Marbella is richly endowed with spots where you can order these mostly savoury snacks, which come in small tapa, medium-sized ración and larger plato sizes. The venues vary greatly, from small, unassuming cafés and bars full of life to larger eateries that serve entire groups of hungry customers. They also venture from the traditional and affordable to more boutique, avant-garde and ‘designer’ offerings. When it comes to tapas, there is no right or wrong, just the desire to experience typical delicacies in a social setting, be it indoors, at the bar or on a shaded or indeed sunny terrace overlooking the sea.

Lekune Bar, formerly known as Gorky, is a reference point popular with locals that serves classic tapas such as breaded cheese deep-fried with cane syrup, hearty croquettes, Spanish tortilla omelettes, a range of sausages and meat dishes, Ensaladilla Rusa, as well as local fish delicacies.
The same is also true of Hacienda Patagonica, which combines the earthy authenticity of a classic tapas bar with a very high standard of Argentinian-inspired cuisigne, and Gaspar Marbella, where the same approach also includes a very personal touch that adds an intimate feel to the dining experience. You’ll love the classically inspired décor and the dedication to fine quality ingredients at Primeria Selection, where the passion for fine food shine through.
Modern interpretations of classic tapas are also offered by elegant eateries such as Areia and Back! – trendy restaurants that offer a choice of conventional full-sized dishes and a menu of smaller options for those who like to share and sample many different flavours. More classical but also very popular are Taberna del Pintxo, El Patio de Mariscal and La Tienda Casa Curro – and you may also want to give Bodega la Venencia a try, we think you won’t regret it. 

The ultimate location in which to savour this so typically Spanish and Andalusian experience is the atmospheric Old Town of Marbella, where the likes of Taberna La Niña del Pisto and Bar El Estrecho have attained almost mythical status among visitors and locals alike. 

One can’t really say you’ve experienced Marbella until you’ve enjoyed tapas in good company washed down with a glass of beer or a crisp white wine.