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Staying Focused – What it Means to be Product-Selective

What it Means to be

Staying Focused

We tend to think of commercial success in terms of demand, price and volume of sales, but of course it all starts with the offer – be it a product or service. If these are not up to the right standards, properly aligned with your target audience or unfocused and diffused, then commercial success may be hard to achieve.

“We believe our clear product focus is one of the key elements for the success we have enjoyed as a company,” says Stacy Welch, Sales Director at Solvilla, “and the ability to maintain this over time is also of critical importance.” In a market where many end up trying to be all things to all men, attempting to cater to highly diverse segments in a very wide geographical area, it takes a certain confidence and discipline to define your area of expertise so clearly, and stick to it.

Knowing who you are

“For us, it all ties in with our purpose and identity as a company. In other words, everything from the branding and corporate presentation of Solvilla to the products and services it offers comes from the decisions made at its founding. And these started with the products and segments we offer, the areas we cover and of course the target audience thus identified.” To be clear, for Solvilla this means luxurious modern homes in the most desirable parts of Marbella.

“Though we also offer luxurious apartments of quality to our clients, our main focus is on villas, primarily upwards of €2 million and located in top Marbella zones such as the Golden Mile, Sierra Blanca and Nueva Andalucía. In doing this we respond to the areas and products our clients are most interested in, though we will also consider outstanding products in other attractive zones.” Even so, in its quest to offer a streamlined collection of truly special homes, Stacy and his team reject more projects than they take on.
“This comes not from any kind of arrogance, but from knowing our clients and never wanting to disappoint them. We therefore only offer quality, so we adhere to a strict set of selection principles and never let ourselves be distracted from them,” says Stacy. “We apply this to property developments marketed on behalf of third parties, projects we help investors and funds to develop – from original concept to delivery – and also our own.”

Solvilla uses all its experience and years of client feedback in the product development of its own villa projects. “When we are the developers, we seek to create the kind of homes that we look for in the market – in other words, what buyers are looking for. This applies to the areas, views, access to surrounding amenities, design and lifestyle facilities of the modern Marbella properties that we can market so successfully. So it all starts with being able to offer only quality, and what people want, and this is a skill in itself.”