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The Top 5 International Schools in Marbella

With a growing number of families moving to Marbella in pursuit of a better quality of life, schools have become an increasingly important consideration.

Fortunately Marbella and surrounding areas have had top international, bilingual and private Spanish schools for many years now, during which time they have prepared succeeding generations of children from many different nationalities for entry to universities and careers around the world – and built up a great reputation in the process. Here are the top-5 international schools in Marbella.
Aloha College

Situated at the entrance to Aloha, the part of Nueva Andalucía that is closest to the coastal road, Aloha College is a fully comprehensive private school for children from pre-school age to university entrance. Founded in 1982, it offers a British-based education for ages three to 18, and includes a full range of amenities from academical excellence to sports facilities, and personal development in the form of art, theatre and much more. Aloha College is one of Marbella’s most highly regarded schools and has pupils from many different nationalities.

Swans International School

Swans celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. The school located on the west side of Marbella’s Sierra Blanca takes in children from foundation age (three) through primary school to secondary level and university entrance. Though bilingual, it too focuses on the British curriculum, and is known for its academic achievements and what it calls ‘enrichment activities’, which range from sport and the arts to character-building experiences that broaden horizons and teach important life skills within its cosmopolitan scholastic environment.

English International College

The EIC is also celebrating, this time it’s 40th anniversary, and it is considered the foremost English-curriculum school in Marbella East. Small class sizes and teaching excellence provide the basis for a long tradition in achieving admission to top international universities and study programmes for its pupils, and this is added to by top sports and extra-curricular facilities.

Calpe School

This British international school is situated in a tranquil part of San Pedro Alcántara, and serves the western part of Marbella, providing academic and personal development for children from two to 18. Again, providing a great combination of learning, sports activities and personal skills development, within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Deutsche Schule

Not all options are Spanish or British, as the Deutsche Schule in La Mairena offers top-level education in German, Spanish and English following the highly rated German school system. Here too, children of many different nationalities attend who are prepared for entry into the best universities around the world, and given valuable personal guidance along the way.

EFIM – École Française Internationale Marbella

This new French school on the Golden Mile offers not just the French curriculum, but uses a highly innovative learning approach in French, English and Spanish to develop children academically and personally, and give them a proper grounding for career and life alike. Personal development is a large part of this innovative approach for a new era.
Other options include Scandinavian schools, bilingual Spanish-British colleges, an American university and the Lycée Française in Málaga, all catering to the children of a highly demanding international public living on the Costa del Sol.