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How to add value to your property in Marbella

How to add value to
your property in Marbella
Every homeowner wishes to add as much value as possible to their property, and those in Marbella are no different, though each market does come with its own set of advice. Here we provide some insights into ways that have a great impact on the value of a home in Marbella.

The first thing to assess is the reason for wanting to add value to your Marbella property. You may want to upgrade it for your own enjoyment upon buying, or simply wish to enhance it over the years, or there may be a specific reason for doing so, such as preparing your home for sale or even high-level renting. Each of these circumstances will require a slightly different approach, as will adding value to an existing (older) property or a brand-new one. 

Modern infrastructure

Whether you’re selling, renting or just wish to enhance the desirability and value of your property in general, upgrading its technical infrastructure is something of a must for a serious property these days. This can include anything from security and heating/cooling, lighting and irrigation systems to internet speed, electrics, plumbing and of course home automation, not to mention such basic elements as optimal sound, humidity and temperature insulation.
Up to date styling

Up to date styling

If the property should be functionally up to date under the skin, then being visually in terms of architectural styling, outdoor living spaces, interior decoration and even landscaping is another crucial factor. This includes updating modern kitchens, bathrooms, high spec appliances and a home can also benefit greatly from a contemporary, open-plan layout with large windows, lots of natural light and if possible maximised views.

Wow-factor features and amenities

Adding features with wow-factor appeal makes your home a more fun, exciting and desirable place to live in, and a potential buyer will most likely feel the same way, so it should add to the property’s value. Classic elements include water fountains, a wine cellar, sauna and study or games room, but today there are also other options, including fire-pits, outdoor kitchen/BBQs, modern gas fireplaces, sleek bars, home cinemas, state-of-the-art gyms and even entire leisure spaces, to name a few.

In all the above, the traditional rule of thumb is that every euro spent should add two to the value of the property, and this is achieved by keeping the expenditure and choice of upgrades in proportion to the overall value of the property, as well as by designing, planning and procuring cleverly – and if you’re in a position to brand your home a little with added touches such as specially styled linen and bath wear, then you’re in the top segment of the market.