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Malaga Voted Second Best City in the World for Remote Working

The rise of Digital Nomads has surged in popularity in the wake of the pandemic, with a growing number of individuals embracing a transformative shift in their professional lives to align with their personal preferences. A significant advantage that accompanies this shift is the freedom to work from any location of their choosing. In response to this trend, the Savills Executive Nomad Index Report was developed as a comprehensive framework for evaluating and ranking the global cities that attract digital nomads the most. This annual ranking, which was recently published, has positioned the enchanting city of Malaga as a standout destination, securing its position as the second most favoured choice for remote workers worldwide.
The digital revolution, spurred by the pandemic and its aftermath, has empowered individuals worldwide to seize complete command over their professional trajectories. Within this transformative landscape, an increasing number of workers and managers spanning various industries, most notably the digital sector, are opting for destinations beyond their native or corporate borders. Consequently, this trend has prompted professionals to recalibrate and refine their work strategies, adapting to this evolving paradigm.
The ranking for the 20 best destinations of the world encompass sought-after holiday and residential locations, with Dubai taking the top spot and Malaga second, followed by Miami, Abu Dhabi, Lisbon, Barbados, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Algarve, Saint Lucia, Cayman Islands, Dubrovnik, Malta, Antigua, Côte d'Azur, Mauritius, Athens, Cyprus, Bahamas and Tuscany. The general calculations for the ranking take 5 factors into consideration: quality of life, climate, internet connectivity, transport connectivity and rental housing. 

Malaga attained an impressive overall score of 32.38, a mere 2 points shy of the leading contender, Dubai. Notably, Malaga clinched the top spot for quality of life across the entire roster, amassing a score of 10.38, an outcome that aligns with expectations. Moreover, the city's other scores showcased remarkable competitiveness in comparison to alternative destinations. Key factors such as climate, air connectivity and rental housing secured scores ranging from 4 to 6. Meanwhile, its internet connectivity stood out, earning a noteworthy score of 8.06, signifying its robust digital infrastructure.
The establishment of powerhouse corporations like Google, Citi and Vodafone choosing to set up their headquarters in Malaga has significantly bolstered the city's standing among top-tier enterprises. The presence of these entities within Malaga's borders has not only drawn a surge of executives who are transitioning into digital nomadism but has also catalysed a positive reputation through organic word-of-mouth. Furthermore, a considerable number of individuals have chosen Malaga as the foundation for their startup ventures, attracting yet another distinct group to the city's dynamic professional ecosystem.
Another factor that has undoubtedly helped Spain rank this high is thanks to introducing the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in 2022. The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa allows non-European citizens to live and work remotely within the country for up to 5 years, also allowing nomads to bring their spouses and children to the country within the same application. One can apply for this visa in their home country or directly in Spain. 
One of the following prerequisites need to be met prior to applying: 

  1. The person applying must be employed by a company for at least 1 year that permits international remote working.

  2. The person applying must be self-employed and have one or several international clients or several sources of income from digital activity outside of Spain. 

Other prerequisites that need to be met are: 

  1. Proof of sufficient work or higher educational experience.

  2. No criminal record or a clean record for at least 5 years.

  3. Full coverage private health insurance.

  4. Proof of sufficient financial resources.

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Benefits for the Local Economy

With the introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa and this new ranking on the Executive Nomad Index, Malaga has seen positive impacts on the economy. Besides the overarching surge in tourism, there has been a notable upswing in the local real estate market. A significant number of remote workers are presented with the choice of either renting or purchasing properties when electing to work remotely from Malaga, consequently propelling a heightened demand for real estate within Malaga province.

As Malaga becomes a magnet for individuals from diverse corners of the globe, a new influx of skilled and gifted professionals is injecting the region with a vibrant energy. This infusion of fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a wealth of expertise contributes to the region's growth and dynamism.