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New Trends in Marbella’s Luxury Market

New Trends in
Marbella’s Luxury Market
The world has been evolving fast in recent times, and Marbella is no exception. In fact, as a microcosm of different nationalities and a centre of luxury living, it is a place where especially changes in lifestyle preferences are noticeable early on. This again results in an adapted offering, at least among those agile enough to respond in time and capture the needs of the moment.

As a property company that combines boutique developments with real estate brokerage, we’re a firm that is proud of exactly that – our ability to adapt to and satisfy our clients’ needs and preferences. “In recent years there has been a clear preference for modern, open-plan properties with spacious outdoor lifestyle areas,” says Solvilla Sales Director, Stacy Welch. 

“In the aftermath of the pandemic lockdowns, we saw new trends emerge, including a desire for larger homes for longer-term full time living, as well as a shift towards villas with facilities such as a gym, workspace and leisure amenities.” The fact that we create modern villas that match this description contributed greatly to our sales record in 2021, but there are other changes going on as well.

A ’New Luxury’

Perhaps it’s the influence of a wave of trendy new Scandinavians buying properties in Marbella, but there’s been a change in the concept of luxury. Essentially, it’s a distancing from ostentatious luxury and overabundance and a move towards a more discreet, low-key form of good living that focuses less on consumption and more on health and well-being. “Our buyers are on average successful professionals and entrepreneurs in their thirties, forties and fifties, many with young families,” says Stacy, “and besides comfort and quality they are also looking for authenticity and natural surroundings.”
The result has been a rise in the number of easy-going on trend eateries that offer organic and vegan food, boutique hotels in Marbella’s old town and also the growing popularity of cultural and nature-based destinations inland from the coastal area. “Andalucía offers so much in that sense, from surfing and ski to extreme sports and gastronomy, that this is in reality where the true wealth lies in terms of quality of life.” In keeping with this trend, we’ve been working with our architects, interior designers and landscapers to make our homes as naturally comfortable and environment-friendly as possible.

While we were never great fans of sterile white decor, we’re now more than ever focused on creating stylish interiors that are modern but also homely and natural in their feel. 

“More and more, we realise that what makes a beautiful home is not simply the list of its amenities and attributes, but the feeling it evokes, and getting this perfectly right is an art in itself.”