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New Years Eve in Marbella

New Year's Eve marks the conclusion of one chapter and the commencement of the next, a global occasion where people bid farewell to the year, ushering in a fresh beginning surrounded by their loved ones. While popular destinations such as Dubai, Thailand and New York are renowned for their spectacular firework displays and iconic New Year chimes, Marbella's celebration stands out with its vibrant atmosphere.
Choosing Marbella for your New Year's celebration offers a diverse range of options catering to all preferences. Unlike the traditional New Year's Eve, Marbella provides a unique experience characterised by pleasant weather, upscale dining and a plethora of activities for everyone's enjoyment. Whether you opt to have a cosy night in, indulge in fine dining or dance the night away, Marbella has something for everyone, making it an exceptional destination to welcome the New Year.

An established tradition involves the setting off of fireworks to welcome the New Year, often attracting crowds to the beach for a memorable display. This allows residents and visitors alike to enjoy a splendid show, even if they don't have fireworks of their own. The Marbella Club Hotel and The Kempinski Hotel are renowned for their spectacular beachfront firework displays. For those with fireworks, it's important to note that it is legal to set them off, provided it is done in a controlled and safe environment. Embracing these customs makes celebrating New Year's Eve at home in Marbella a delightful and safe experience. 
For those with four-legged companions at home, it's crucial to highlight the importance of ensuring their safety during firework shows. We highly recommend keeping them indoors in a comfortable and secure environment as loud noises from fireworks can often frighten pets. Unfortunately, it's common for frightened pets to go missing during this time of year, particularly for individuals who choose to celebrate New Year's away from home. By taking the precaution of providing a cosy and sheltered space for your furry friends, you can help minimise their stress and anxiety, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners.
For individuals who prefer staying in the comfort of their own homes on New Year's Eve, it's essential to be aware of the adjusted business operating hours prior to the evening. When planning your New Year’s dinner shopping, take into consideration these reduced opening hours and plan ahead, as most people tend to get their shopping done several days before to ensure their feasts are a success. 
Across Spain, all television stations broadcast special presentations of the Campanadas - the ringing of the bells - during New Year's Eve. Each presenter brings a unique style to the event, creating an engaging experience for viewers who gather around their TVs to watch. The most popular channels are La 1 and Antena 3, where presenters host the show at Madrid’s iconic Plaza del Sol. Here, everyone can enjoy the iconic ball drop and bell chimes from the clock tower, marking the commencement of the New Year. 
For an authentic Spanish New Year's experience, the Plaza de Los Naranjos in Marbella's Old Town emerges as the perfect destination. On this night, crowds gather in the streets for a collective celebration. To secure a prime spot, arriving early is advisable, although the true festivities don't kick off until later in the evening. Attendees are encouraged to bring a carton of 12 grapes, a symbolic gesture believed to usher in prosperity and luck for the coming year.
Following a longstanding tradition, participants must eat one grape for each chime of the clock at midnight, ensuring good luck for the year to come. While this can be challenging, it's the act of participation that holds significance. The tradition gained widespread popularity in 1909 when grapes, being an abundant and affordable fruit in Alicante, were distributed across Spain, cementing their status as a New Year's staple. However, the roots of this custom trace back to the 1800s when Spanish aristocrats adopted the French practice of consuming champagne and grapes on New Year's Eve.
Those party-goes who enjoy spending the evening out opt for spending New Years Eve in restaurants. Most restaurants this time of year have set menus, and require reservations that are usually made weeks in advance. We have prepared a list of potential dining and entertainment destinations in Marbella for you to consider this New Years Eve: 

Gourmet Gala Dinners: 

  • El Patio (Marbella Club Hotel) | + 34 951 552 688

  • Sea Grill (Puente Romano) | +34 682 11 22 33

  • Nobu Marbella | +34 952 77 86 86

  • LEÑA by Dani García | +34 952 76 42 52

  • Los Bandidos (Puerto Banus) | +34 952 81 59 15

  • Casanis Bistrot | +34 952 90 04 50

  • Marbella Club Hotel | +34 952 82 22 11

  • Finca Cortesin Resort | +34 952 93 78 00

  • Puente Romano Hotel & Resort | +34 952 82 09 00

  • Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Hotel | Reserve Here

Fine Dining and Entertainment:

  • Supperclub (Puente Romano) | Reserve Here

  • Alba by Serafina | +34 952 77 17 98

  • Nomad Marbella | +34 951 55 34 44

  • MOSH Fun Kitchen | +34 656 52 35 73

  • COYA (Puente Romano) | +34 952 76 82 22

  • NU Downtown | +34 680 35 15 47

  • Roostiq Marbella | +34 952 14 60 75

  • LØV Olivia Valere | +34 952 82 88 61

  • BREATHE Marbella | +34 952 03 64 94

Traditional Spanish Atmosphere: 

  • Restaurante Alfredo | +34 952 78 61 65

  • Restaurante El Comercio | +34 952 85 36 44

  • Restaurante Nuevo Reino | +34 952 78 66 66

  • Los Abanicos (Benahavis) | +34 952 85 50 22

Destinations for the After-Party: 

  • Momento 

  • Dreamers

  • Olivia Valere 

  • NU Downtown 

  • La Suite

  • Supperclub 

  • Vudu Marbella 

  • Mirage (Puerto Banus)

Solvilla Wishes You A Happy New Year!

The Solvilla Family extends heartfelt wishes for a Prosperous New Year to you all! May the upcoming year be filled with abundant joy, happiness and success for all.