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Springtime in Marbella

Spring is idyllic in Marbella. With the ideal ratio of sunshine to fresh breezes, summer holidaymakers have yet to arrive and the temperatures are perfect for lovers of outdoor pursuits and/ or lazy beach lunches. Read on for some great suggestions as to what to do in Marbella at this lovely time of the year: 

Have the beach (almost) to yourself

Marbella is known for its beautiful beaches, and spring is the perfect time to enjoy them without the crowds. While it’s hot in the sun, it’s still delightfully cool in the shade, so it is ideal for catching some early-season rays. While you won’t have the beach totally to yourself, there will still be plenty of space, with the hardier souls even going for a refreshing dip in the cool Mediterranean.

Go hiking in the mountains that surround Marbella 

Spring is the ideal time to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Sierra de las Nieves, or the Serranía de Ronda – or the big one: it’s the ideal time to aim for the summit of La Concha. Lace up your hiking boots and hit the scenic, fragrant trails, which wind through pine forests, olive groves, and rocky peaks. Not only are temperatures perfect for walking, but the carpet of yellow, pink and purple flowers beneath your feet makes a great walk truly memorable. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, such as ibex, eagles, and vultures. While many visitors are content to stay at the coast, there is a whole different world of breathtaking scenery to enjoy just minutes away.
Explore the White Villages of Andalucía 

Marbella is surrounded by beautiful countryside, dotted with charming white villages that are typical to the region. Drive into the hills and stop at picturesque villages such as Casares, Ojén and Istán. It’s a lovely day out in the splendour of the Andalucian hills – and don’t forget to stop off and sample the local cuisine at a roadside Venta on the way. These are roadside restaurants that often serve delicious home-cooked local delicacies. For a quirky day out, head to Júzcar – or the Smurf Village as it's better known. Originally a white village, it was painted totally blue in honour of a film about the Smurfs and voted to remain so by popular demand. Set in the beautiful Andalucian countryside, it’s worth the trip for the scenery alone.
Take in some culture

It is not widely known that Marbella has a rich art scene, with several museums and galleries showcasing the works of local and international artists. Take a stroll through the streets of Marbella  Old Town and visit the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving, with works by greats such as Picasso, Dalí, Tàpies and Miró, or the Ralli Museum, which exhibits the works of Latin American and European artists. 

We think this is one of the best places to live in the world, and the mild year-round climate is one of the main reasons for this. If you are looking for a holiday home or permanent residence in Marbella, our knowledgeable and friendly team would be delighted to offer advice and information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.