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Why 2021 Was the Best Year in Marbella Real Estate

Why 2021 Was the Best Year
in Marbella Real Estate
As we moved into 2021 and the most stringent of the Covid rules began to be eased, there was a clear expectation that the market would recover. Firstly, from the pent-up, unsatisfied demand that built up during 2020 when travel was greatly restricted, but also because in such times the quality of life offered by Marbella and its surroundings tends to exert an even stronger pull than is normally the case.

What no-one expected was just how strong the revival of the Marbella property market would be, and it fair to say that it took even the most optimistic projections by surprise. This kind of surprise is a pleasant one, of course, and the region moved into high activity mode to deal with all the enquiries, property viewings, negotiations and the conclusion of levels of property transactions not seen for many years.

A new kind of boom

In fact, the number of property sales on the Costa del Sol in 2021 had not been witnessed since before the global financial crisis of 2008, but there was more, this wasn’t just a return to high sales levels. One of the key differences with the property boom of the 2000s was that back then it was across the price ranges, with the bulk of sales in the mid to lower segments. For some years, the upper segment of the market has been growing dominant—and more so than ever in 2021.
In fact, though high, actual sales numbers did not quite reach those of the heady mid-2000s, but as the average price per property sold was significantly higher – thanks to a shift from mid-level apartments to luxury modern villas – the overall turnover reached new highs. This is a trend in itself, and one within which the demand for spacious modern homes with work and leisure facilities, combined with a desire for gardens, terraces, views and proximity to open nature, is strong.

This is of course largely driven by the experiences of extended periods of confinement, as a result of which buyers began to focus more and more on the home space, the chance to work remotely and the importance of having your own open-air areas. In practice, this expresses itself as demand focused upon contemporary villas with spacious open-plan interiors, modern amenities, gyms and workspaces, as well as terraces and large gardens.

An evolving product

Buyers also want views, security and if possible, proximity to open nature and of course external amenities—and it is with this feedback that we have been adjusting the design, layout and concept of the villas designed, built and fitted by us. The success of this process is borne out by the fact that 2021 was the best year on record for Solvilla and we’ve further solidified our leading position in the market.

In changing times, the market is evolving, but also increasingly focused on the mid to upper segments, as Marbella modernises and becomes more and more upmarket, ready to tailor to a new generation of affluent professionals, investors and businesspeople. Solvilla specialises in getting it right when it comes to catering to our clients’ needs and requirements, but at the heart of everything is quality – a factor that remains unchanged over time.