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Marbella Voted as Europe’s Best Destination 2024

It may not be a surprise for many to learn that European Best Destinations (EBD)  have again awarded Marbella the title of Best Place to Travel to in 2024. Being also acknowledged in the famed Forbes, Marbella’s recognition as a top destination in Europe for travellers owes its thanks to the climate, the plethora of outdoor activities, the incredible array of gastronomic offerings and the one-of-a-kind way of life.

Over one million travellers in 172 countries casted their votes from more than 500 destinations worldwide, ultimately selecting Marbella as the number one destination in Europe. Marbella triumphed over European destinations such as Monaco, Florence, Madeira, and London.

The recognition of Marbella as the top destination of 2024 marks a significant milestone for this award, as it received the highest number of votes since its inception, that being a total of 149,192 votes.
The EBD has this to say about Marbella:

“Wherever golfers choose to play, they will enjoy top-class golf courses, many of them with panoramic views of mountains and the Mediterranean. Take a gastronomic tour of this food-loving Andalusian city that can cater to any craving – and delivers views and vibes to boot, with three Michelin-starred restaurants, plus hundreds of smaller eateries dishing up everything from Mediterranean and Thai to paella and succulent local tapas, great food is a major part of Marbella’s allure.” 
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